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Regent Releases University of Phoenix SNAP Case Study

November 5, 2013 | By

The Need

University of Phoenix wanted to create an experience that allows potential students to explore different scenarios and funding options in a plan that met their specific needs. The goal was to create individualized plans that estimate tuition and expenses based on criteria including intended degree program and location. Instead of limiting this information to a single course or year, the University sought to take the process further and present a plan for an entire program of study. The ability to have a plan that reflects an entire program is an important differentiator that helps students make decisions to support their academic and financial success.

The Solution

The University utilizes Regent’s need analysis capabilities with solutions created by Regent. These services allow University of Phoenix to tailor the Financial Plan experience to the specific needs of their potential students. The advanced Regent platform, coupled with the user interface innovations from University of Phoenix, has resulted in a robust solution that helps prospective students make well-informed financial decisions about their education.

Read The Case Study

Download the complete case study here (640k PDF) to read about the results.