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Regent Education is Transforming Its Financial Aid Experience for Students - Deploys Transformed Student Portal, Advisor Assist, and Announces Blueprint for an All-New Regent Plan

February 4, 2020 | By

Frederick, MD – February 4, 2019

Regent Education today announced a new initiative to transform the student experience across all products.  The transformed experience begins with a transformed student portal and new Advisor Assist – both available today – and extends to the transformation and reintroduction of Regent Plan, a financial aid planning and counseling solution, expected late spring.

Transformed Student Portal

The mobile-friendly and student-personalized financial aid portal integrates directly with Regent Award and Regent Review.  The portal allows students to easily track the exact status of their financial aid – the number one question asked of financial aid staff – and to quickly access and address items that require their attention to ensure proper aid disbursement.

Key features of the new student portal include:

  • A Dashboard entry point that provides current financial aid status and highlights auto-triggered next steps, required documents, and messages;
  • The fundamental ability for institutions to drive students to act on clearly visible requirements, such as to accept financial aid awards, upload necessary documents, and complete verification;
  • Stronger navigation tools, personalized and mobile-friendly Smart Forms, and streamlined e-signature steps that simplify the entire financial aid process; and
  • A Messages communication channel that allows students to reply to institution-initiated messages or initiate their own questions.

With  these enhancements, institutions using Regent Award and/or Regent Review will experience:

  • Reduced student frustration with the financial aid process;
  • Enhanced student self-service and resulting reduced call volume;
  • Increased staff efficiency;
  • Faster financial aid awarding and packaging;
  • Tailored student 1:1 communication; and
  • Improved trend analytics on the financial aid process speed, completions, and sticking points.

Advisor Assist

While the transformed student experience enables self-service, there are times when a student still may want to talk to someone.  Advisor Assist, a feature of Regent Plan, adds improved support to the student experience.  It allows an institution’s financial aid counselor or call center advisor to view the same portal screen that the student is seeing for interactive guidance and question/issue resolution.

“With the release of the transformed student experience, Regent extends its investment in innovation to expand student self-servicing capabilities and improve the financial aid experience overall,” said Ron Dinwiddie, Vice President of Product Management for Regent.