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Regent Award

Automated, flexible, and efficient financial aid management across all enrollment models

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Help Every Student Gain Access to Higher Education

Regent Award increases efficiency and promotes smarter student borrowing so your institution can compete for top students and exceed enrollment goals. Holistic and cloud-based, the Regent Award integrates with key campus systems to automate the full lifecycle of financial aid across all education and enrollment models.

Regent Award automatically packages and repackages financial aid across all institutional enrollment models and tracks, including competency-based education (CBE). By automating the notification and assignment of tasks, your office will complete packaging faster, allowing you to spend more time delivering the high-quality service and exceptional experience that students expect. Regent Award’s cloud-based model proactively incorporates regulatory updates and changes so you can feel confident that you are compliant with financial aid regulations.

Together with the full suite of Regent Education solutions, Regent Award simplifies the complexities of financial aid management so your staff can spend less time packaging financial aid and processing aid applications and more time helping students succeed.

Integrated Solutions that Extend Regent Award 

The Regent Education Difference


$ 2.5 B

in aid awarded annually to 500k+ students

100 %

cloud-based solutions

400 +

years of collective financial aid experience

20 %

reduction in financial aid office workload

250,000 +

BBAY students packaged and repackaged daily

Automated Financial Aid so You Can Focus on What Matters Most: the Students

Regent Award Suite automates your data, giving you up-to-date insight and access to the financial aid and enrollment information you need to compete for top students and exceed enrollment goals. By fully automating and customizing financial aid management across all enrollment models, you can spend less time packaging financial aid and processing aid applications and more time helping students succeed.

Client Successes

University of Massachusettes

UMass Global

With Regent Award Suite, UMass Global automated term-based and non-term enrollment models, as well as CBE, and reduced manual processing demands, allowing staff to focus on their number one goal: student success. Other results include:

  • Reduced processing time from 17 days to 6 days
  • Saved more than 13,000 person hours annually
  • Reduced central financial aid office workload by of 20%
  • Reduced revising award tasks from 15 days to 1 day
  • Achieved 82% 6-year graduation rates
BYU Idaho Case Study

Brigham Young University - Idaho

Brigham Young University - Idaho implemented Regent Award Suite to automate financial aid in support of its unique enrollment model, continued enrollment growth, and new, student-focused initiatives. As a result, they are delivering financial aid faster and more efficiently, with a large majority of student aid disbursed before the first day of classes. Other results include:

  • Increased aid distributed 8% year over year (‘18-‘19 over ‘17-’18)
  • Increased total financial aid recipients 6.2% (from ‘16-‘17 to ‘18-‘19)
  • Reduced aid processing time by 643 hours
  • Improved verification turnaround time from 6 weeks to 1 week
  • Saved 1,400 work hours per semester