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Hult International Business School: Improving Student Support

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Hult International Business School brings together forward-thinking people from all over the world to learn through challenge-based learning. As a truly global business school with campuses in Boston, London, San Francisco and Dubai, and students from some 150 nationalities, Hult does things differently – from the way it collects attendance data and manages student withdrawals to its financial aid processes.

Until recently, Hult relied on a combination of in-house and third-party processes to disburse its financial aid. But these were time-consuming processes, and the financial aid team had been looking for ways to make the processes more efficient so they could spend more time serving students.

Ultimately, the Hult team decided to automate their manual financial aid processes and selected Regent Education to meet their unique financial aid needs. Today, the school is live on Regent Education, including integration with their SIS, Salesforce for Education

A game-changer for staff and students
Regent Education has transformed the way Hult manages the financial aid lifecycle. Their holistic suite of cloud-based financial aid solutions is enabling Hult to automate, customize, and accelerate deployment of the financial aid lifecycle so they can better support their students. 

“We are a non-traditional business school in many ways, so there are certain things that we need to tailor to accommodate the way we do business and interact with our students,” said Casey Sulliven, Director of Financial Aid at Hult International School of Business. “The Regent Education implementation team has been helpful in finding solutions tailored to our ways of doing things.”

Using Regent Award for Salesforce, Hult can integrate Regent Award with their student information system, Salesforce for Education, providing enrollment advisors with a comprehensive view into a student’s status. 

“With Regent Award for Salesforce, we can better track the status of a student,” said Sullivan. “Financial aid staff and enrollment advisors have a more holistic view of the student financial lifecycle, as well as a more efficient way to communicate and collaborate. It’s making everyone's life easier and more efficient.”

Not only can enrollment advisors see quickly if a student has received a financial aid award, they can also spot when a student is missing necessary documentation so they can reach out and let them know they have an outstanding action. 

Communication between enrollment advisors and the financial aid staff has also improved. They no longer need to rely on a variety of tools. Instead, they utilize Regent Education to find the information they need in a more efficient way

Simple, intuitive, and easy to use
Another benefit of the Regent Award Suite is its ease of use. Financial aid staff at Hult hit the ground running with the solution. 

“Regent Award Suite is intuitive and easy to use. My staff have been able to get up to speed and find what they need,” said Sullivan. “This is not the case with a lot of education technologies that I’ve seen.”

Sullivan went on to share that Regent Education keeps things simple. Too often, technology overcomplicates processes, adding additional burden to a team with an already significant workload. With Regent Education, that’s not the case. 

Aid in compliance
Compliance is a top concern for Hult. And with the recent release of the new FAFSA, the importance of complying with ever-changing financial aid regulations is top-of-mind. 

Using Regent Education, Hult is automating and standardizing processes that they previously handled manually, which not only saves the financial aid staff time, but also helps them remain compliant, even as new regulations like FAFSA Simplification roll out. Automation within Regent Education has also increased efficiency, freeing up financial aid staff to provide a higher, more personalized level of service to their students.

“The Regent Award Suite is a dream come true,” Sullivan added. “Moving from mostly manual processes to a more efficient tool has made a tremendous difference in the way we work. Now, it’s a lot easier to ensure everything is in place.”

The Regent Education difference
Regent Education solutions are built for financial aid, providing richer functionality and greater flexibility so your institution can manage the complexity of today’s financial aid environment and support enrollment growth. Delivered as a single, holistic platform, Regent Education provides the critical insight you need to increase your competitiveness, maximize your enrollment, allocate every available scholarship dollar, and eliminate financial aid barriers and frustrations.

To learn more about how Regent Education can help your institution automate the financial aid life cycle across all enrollment models, please request a demo.