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Regent Education Releases Regent Review, Its Ground-breaking, Fully-automated Student Verification Solution

| December 6, 2013 | By

FREDERICK, MD — Regent Education announced today the launch of Regent Review, the industry’s first fully-automated student verification solution. Regent Review leverages the advanced technology of Regent’s SNAP and Regent Award solutions to fully automate student verification and C-code processing. The robust capabilities of Review help schools reduce: the time needed to perform verification, processing costs, and compliance risk, all while improving the student experience.

Regent Review fully automates the collection of verification documents, automates C-code processing, task assignments and workflows. Students and staff will experience real-time features such as immediate acknowledgement of receipt of documents and updates on the progression of verification. This automation streamlines the entire administrative process for schools and the students they serve.

“Efficient management of the verification process is critical to an institution’s ability to control costs, maintain compliance and deliver exceptional service to its students,” says Randy Jones, CEO of Regent. “Review takes verification processing to the next level by providing advanced automation for both administrators and students—and takes a step that no other product has taken with the inclusion of tax transcript automation. We are pleased to be continuing our mission of delivering products that resolve processing, compliance and service issues through advanced technology.”

The verification process has become more challenging due to the increased regulatory complexity and the annual policy changes that impact processing rules. Verification is a leading cause of compliance audits and findings, representing a key risk to higher education institutions. Review resolves these challenges by offering the industry’s most robust solution for verification processing. Key features that improve compliance include:

  • Complete audit trail that includes all submitted documents, student communications, and processing history
  • Leverages the proven and highly advanced ISIR processing features of Regent Award
  • Approved electronic signature capabilities
  • Single sign-on options to prevent fraud

The escalating cost of a college education and reduced budgets are making efficiency critical to an institution’s competitiveness. Review is increasing the efficiency of this typically labor intensive process through automation and advanced technology. Key features include:

  • Integration with IVES tax transcript services
  • Intuitive student portal with document submission capabilities
  • Intuitive data collection tools that simplify the verification process
  • Real-time dashboards for administrators
  • Integration with Student Information Systems
  • Advanced task management features to maximize staff resources
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities

“Our customers are highly focused on the student experience, and recognize the verification process as an area of opportunity to improve service levels,” says Shaun Poulton, Regent’s Chief Technology Officer. “We are excited to help schools improve efficiency and compliance—while also taking service to the next level.”

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