Regent Education Appoints Jim Hermens as CEO

Frederick, MD – Regent Education, the leading provider of financial aid and enrollment management software solutions, recently elevated Jim Hermens to the role of CEO, succeeding Randy Jones. As CEO, Hermens will lead Regent’s growth strategy and oversee all aspects of solution and implementation development, client success, and business performance and planning. Regent expects to capitalize on Hermens’ proven strengths of building both quality teams and quality software products and services.

“Having witnessed his work since joining Regent in 2015, I am confident Jim will lead Regent to the benefit of the financial aid management community while also enhancing shareholder value,” states Doug Cobb, Regent board member. “During his tenure at Regent, Jim has produced meaningful improvements in product quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As CEO, he will continue to build upon this foundation of change, which will lead to further growth. He also has the added advantage of his past leadership experience, having served as CEO of Educate Online and having been a tenured member of the Blackboard senior executive team.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this company and serve both this marketplace and the students,” said Hermens. “We have a suite of products which fill an unserved need, particularly for schools and programs offering non-term models – perhaps the fastest growing segment of higher education. We have the only solution that provides end–to-end automation for non-term, non-standard term, and standard academic years. Given the combined power of our product offering and the strength of our growing Regent team, I am confident in our ability to bring high value to our clients and to deliver a great benefit to students in the form of a higher-quality financial aid experience.”

Hermens will co-present on “Automating Financial Aid for Non-Traditional Programs at PeopleSoft Schools Statewide with KCTCS” at the upcoming Alliance Conference, along with Derek Ball, Director of Financial Aid Operations at Kentucky Community & Technical College System.

The private investment community has responded well to this recent appointment and Hermens’ vision for Regent’s growth potential. Regent has recently secured incremental investment with additional investors. Regent expects to announce more details on this important development over the coming weeks.

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