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Experience + Expertise = The Regent Education Advantage

| May 1, 2023 | By

When it comes to financial aid, experience matters. That’s why it’s so important that you choose the right partner for your institution. Regent Education is immersed in financial aid. It’s all we do, every single day. And that makes a difference. 

5 reasons why Regent Education is the best choice for all your financial aid needs. 

1. We simplify and automate the management of complex financial aid scenarios 

For over 10 years, we’ve delivered the automated, integrated, flexible financial aid solutions that colleges and universities need to reach - and exceed - their financial aid and enrollment management goals. With the ability to support Standard Term, Non-Standard Term, Subscription Periods, and Non-Term, Regent Education provides the flexibility financial aid administrators need to package and repackage financial aid across all enrollment models and tracks. And that’s no simple task.  

Our team of financial aid professionals have, collectively, over 400 years of experience in higher education financial aid. And it’s this experience and expertise that gives us the ability to help you manage complex scenarios, compete for top students, and exceed your enrollment goals. When you partner with Regent Education, you can rest assured that our experienced and expert resources will help you increase efficiency by minimizing manual processes, reducing errors, and simplifying reporting. In fact, our clients report that they’ve shortened processing time by over 60% and reduced financial aid office workload by 20%. 

In addition, a partnership with Regent Education provides a complete solution for all your financial aid needs. Our powerful solutions, coupled with support from our expert staff, will help you manage the financial aid lifecycle across all enrollment models, gain access to critical enrollment information, increase transparency into financial aid plan details, award every institutional scholarship dollar, and eliminate barriers for non-US citizen applicants.   

2. Our solutions are 100% cloud-based - and have been since 2019 

As colleges and universities look to modernize their campus solutions, many seek solutions that are cloud-based. When evaluating financial aid solution providers, it’s important to understand not just their approach to cloud, but also their experience with it. 

Our financial aid solutions are 100% cloud-based - and they have been since 2019. That means we know what it takes to move to - and operate in - a cloud environment. Being cloud-based provides many benefits, including the ability to manage your solutions more efficiently and with fewer resources. And it makes it easier to remain compliant with the ever-changing financial aid regulations, too. 

We know moving from one system to another can be daunting. That’s why you need a partner with a proven track record of success in the cloud. Not only are our solutions fully cloud-based, but our expert staff have years of experience supporting customers as they moved from their current on-premises solutions to our cloud-based ones. So, if you are looking to migrate from your current on-premises solutions, reach out. Our seasoned experts are ready and willing to help!

3. We’re SOC I and SOC II compliant 

Our solutions are SOC I and SOC II compliant. But what, exactly, does that mean? 

SOC compliance demonstrates, via a third-party audit, that certain controls exist for an organization that provides services like those Regent Education provides. SOC I focuses on controls related to financial reporting such as processing payment information. SOC II is broader, focusing on controls related to security, availability, confidentiality, privacy, and processing integrity.  

Said differently, being SOC I and SOC II compliant demonstrates Regent Education’s commitment to ensuring we provide the high-quality financial aid services our customers expect. We take the time to ensure our solutions meet all stated controls, giving customers peace of mind that our SaaS-based solutions are secure and protected.

 4. Our solutions are holistic and SIS agnostic 

Regent Education provides a complete suite of solutions to address all of your financial aid needs, from packaging and repackaging financial aid and the awarding of institutional scholarships to providing a holistic view of student debt and removing barriers for non-US citizen applicants. Our solutions integrate with any student information system (SIS) as well as with other key campus systems such as your CRM. And for institutions using Salesforce, we offer Regent Award for Salesforce, the only financial aid solution approved to work with Salesforce 

5. We’re community-focused 

We partner with our community of clients to understand what they need and what they want from their financial aid solutions. And we take this input and use it to drive continuous updates to our products. We also listen to our clients to hear first-hand how the needs of the industry and the market are changing. It’s this kind of front-line insight that helps us prioritize where we invest next. 

Having the right financial aid technology partner is critical to your success. With Regent Education, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from access to deep, focused higher education financial aid experience and expertise, holistic, integrated, cloud-based solutions, and the ability to automate the financial aid lifecycle across all enrollment models. Simply put, by partnering with Regent Education, you’ll efficiently and effectively meet all your financial aid needs.

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