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Celebrating Gratitude This Thanksgiving

, | November 20, 2023 | By

In today's dynamic higher education environment, where enrollment challenges and rising tuition costs often take center stage, giving thanks may not be top-of-mind. But with Thanksgiving right around the corner, expressing gratitude is on our minds. Because we believe that this simple, yet profound, gesture fosters stronger connections, enhances collaboration, and ultimately drives success for our customers and their students. 

Here are five reasons why we’re especially grateful this Thanksgiving. 

1. We’re thankful for our customers

Regent Education exists to make a difference through financial aid automation. We know financial aid is complex. But we also know that managing it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our customers to simplify and automate management of the most complex financial aid scenarios, eliminate enrollment barriers, and maximize every institutional scholarship dollar. We’re so thankful for our customers who believe in what we stand for and who know that financial aid is the key to boosting enrollment, retention, and overall student success.

2. We’re grateful for new connections and expanded relationships

So many of our staff have a long history of working in financial aid. And this year, they’ve had the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with all of you. From helping you navigate FAFSA Simplification and best practices for institutional scholarship  management to rethinking financial aid for flexible enrollment models, our team is grateful for the many opportunities we've had to engage with dedicated financial aid professionals like you, both online and at events like NASFAA. 

3. We’re honored to win Scholarship Management Solution of the Year

This year, Regent Education won the EdTech Breakthrough Award for Scholarship Management Solution of the Year. And we are honored and grateful for this recognition of Regent Fund. Institutional scholarships give colleges and universities a flexible way to connect with students and give them the extra financial aid support they need to pursue a degree. But many times, scholarship dollars remain on the table because the processes for managing them are manual and time-consuming. EdTech’s Breakthrough Award recognizes the work we’ve done to automate scholarship management so that institutions can ensure every institutional dollar counts.

4. We’re delighted to welcome new customers

In 2023, we welcomed a number of new customers to the Regent Education family. And we’re so excited they’re here. Central Michigan University (CMU) is just one example of a new customer who is looking forward to elevating their student experience using the Regent Award Suite. We’re excited to support CMU as well as our other new customers as they automate financial aid and scholarship management. 

5. We’re thankful for all you do

We know managing financial aid isn’t easy. And we know because we’ve walked in your shoes. Your unwavering dedication to helping students secure the funding they need to pursue higher education is admirable. And we applaud your efforts to improve the student experience, maximize every institutional scholarship dollar, and help your institution reach its enrollment goals. 

The best way to give thanks is to pass it along. So as you gather together with family and friends this Thanksgiving, we hope that you’ll share all the reasons you’re thankful, too.

From the Regent Education family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!