The New Standard in Financial Aid Management

Designed by financial aid professionals for financial aid professionals, Regent Award is a comprehensive software-as-a-service solution that automates the entire financial aid lifecycle. Regent Award affords institutions the academic flexibility to meet the needs of all students by offering innovative enrollment and education models at scale.

Automation for All Enrollment Models

With Flexible and Efficient Financial Aid Processing

Regent Award automatically packages and repackages financial aid for all enrollment models – Standard Term, Non-Standard Term, Subscription Periods, and Non-Term – and automates the recalculation as students move back and forth between these models. This automation drives increased departmental efficiency, supports academic and enrollment goals, and ensures a greater level of regulatory compliance.

Shorter Review and Packaging Time

With Task Notification and Assignment

Regent Award is changing the way institutions process financial aid, giving your institution revolutionary and intuitive tools to automate and manage every aspect of the financial aid life cycle. Regent Award's unique task management system ensures that all tasks are completed in a timely fashion, enabling your office to serve students in a faster, more streamlined manner and leading to improved customer service.

No More Manual Calculation

With Powerful Integration Capabilities

To minimize the time and effort needed for manual calculations and recalculations, Regent Award integrates with key systems like the student information system (SIS), Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR), and the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to ensure all factors like cost of attendance (COA), enrollment status, and satisfactory academic progress (SAP) are correct and up-to-date.

Increase Student Satisfaction

With Student Self-Service Portal

Enable your students to easily track the exact status of their financial aid – the number one question asked of financial aid staff.  Our mobile-friendly and student-personalized financial aid portal integrates directly with Regent Award and Regent Review, enabling students to quickly access and address items that require their attention such as to accept financial aid awards, upload necessary documents, and complete verification to ensure proper aid disbursement.

Optional insights for recruiting and advising

Regent Award for Salesforce

Institutions that use Salesforce have the option to add Regent Award for Salesforce, the only higher education financial aid app currently on Salesforce AppExchange, to enable their enrollment and student-success teams to have access to key financial aid insights in their CRM - such as whether a student has requested financial aid for the upcoming year - in the context of student records.

Additional Benefits

Regent Award will Transform your Department


Multi-Year Packaging

Improve your ability to support students using this comprehensive, centralized view of projected aid for an entire program of study.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Our cloud-based model enables us to ensure regulations are incorporated into Regent Award in a timely fashion.


Streamline communications

Award letters and change notifications are just two of the notifications Regent Award automatically creates and sends.

Our university wants to help people get access to higher education. Regent enables us to do this more effectively.

Greg Ball, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Financial Aid, UMass Global

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