Transforming Financial Aid Management

Automated, student-centric, SIS and CRM integrated

Regent Education is the leading provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions to automate financial aid.
• Fully automated processes – from ISIR import all the way through R2T4 – increase efficiency, mitigate compliance risks, expand enrollment, and improve your student experience.
• Traditional and non-traditional academic calendar support ensures your institution has the utmost enrollment program flexibility to deliver learner-centric education aligned with your intuition's mission.
• Informed financial aid planning aids and smart borrowing tools help your students borrow responsibly and minimize debt.
• Bi-directional SIS integration ensures consistent data in both systems.
• Financial aid insights in your CRM help enrollment teams determine a student's commitment level and spot at-risk students.

Fully Automated Across ALL Enrollment Types

Regent Award is a comprehensive, cloud-based SaaS solution that automates financial aid processing – from ISIR import all the way through R2T4 – via simplified workflows and integrations with institutional, federal, and select state systems. It supports traditional academic years as well as borrower-based academic year (BBAY) and competency-based education (CBE) using standard and nonstandard terms as well as non-term enrollment models.

Informed Planning, Smart Borrowing Minimize Student Debt

Regent Plan empowers higher education institutions to help their students borrow responsibly and minimize debt. My Plan enables students to plan, forecast, and track their financial aid not only for the existing degree program or year, but also for upcoming ones. My Borrowing provides visibility into alternate financial aid packaging options, such as Direct Costs versus Maximum Borrowing, so students understand the implications of each.

SIS and Salesforce Integrated

Regent works with any SIS, and bi-directional integration ensures consistent data in both systems.

With Regent Award for Salesforce - the only financial aid app currently on Salesforce AppExchange - enrollment and student-success teams have access to key financial aid insights – such as whether a student has requested aid for the upcoming year or is blocked from their next disbursement – right in their CRM in the student’s contact record.


"Thanks to our Salesforce integration, we've streamlined our processes, improving the student and staff experience and saving time for coaches, who can focus on meaningful and relevant conversations instead of administrivia. Thanks to automation, we also have zero chances of losing a student in the process. Finally, we’ve increased our financial aid completion rate – 4% in just the first three months alone. "

Heidi Lupo
Director of Academic Advising

Bellevue University

"We are now processing faster and more effectively – saving more than 13,000 hours annually – time we’ve reallocated towards higher-value student financial counseling and a reduction of financial aid staff by 13 percent."

Greg Ball
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Financial Aid

In 2020, we [Capella and Strayer Universities] instituted “SEI Smart Borrowing,” a program that identifies students who are choosing to borrow significantly higher amounts than necessary for their tuition and cost of living expenses under the Federal Title IV student loan system, and then provides counseling to those identified students on the long-term negative effects of excessive student debt. In its pilot phase, SEI Smart Borrowing was successful in reducing the amount of non-tuition debt incurred by counseled students by 90%.

Strategic Education, Inc 2020 Annual Report

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