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Automate financial aid verification, packaging, and disbursement processes as much as 95% for all enrollment models.
Increase efficiency, mitigate compliance risks, expand enrollment, and improve the student experience.
Provide enrollment and student success teams a 360-degree view of the student experience and help students reduce debt with smart borrowing tools.

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Your Institution's Strategic Enrollment Objectives

The only cloud-based financial aid management software to automate all enrollment models including standard term, non-standard term, and non-term models.

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Increased Efficiency

Fully automated processing means your staff can focus on what really matters: the students.


Expanded Enrollment

Packaging and disbursement across all funding structures and enrollment models — at once.


Satisfied Students

Speedy award distribution and unmatched transparency make the student experience a smooth one.


Better Lifecycle Visibility

Full loan exposure means insight into anticipated future awards. That’s being prepared.


Future-Forward Mindset

Cloud-based infrastructure brings your decisions into the modern age. Your system won’t be left behind.

Reduced Non-Compliance

Less manual processing lowers the risk of compliance errors and allow you to make decisions fearlessly.

Client Success is

Redefining Financial Aid Management for Non-Traditional Students

Working with Regent Education, Brandman University:

  • Saved over 13,000 people hours annually with process and document automation
  • Achieved 20% reduction in central financial aid office workload
  • Enhanced compliance capability for Title IV programs
  • Reduced average award processing of complete applications from 5 days to 1 day
  • Reduced in revising award tasks from 15 business days to 1 day.

Client Success is

Simplifying the Financial Aid Process for Undocumented Students

Working with Regent Education, the University of North Texas:

  • Automates the processing of state funds for undocumented students
  • Calculates the student’s EFC in accordance with federal methodology
  • Provides parent and student e-signature capability

We Provide

The Premier Financial Aid Management Software

Our financial aid management software is designed to streamline and simplify the complex, ever-changing and highly regulated world of financial aid for you and your students.

Regent Award

Fully automate packaging and disbursement for all enrollment models - so you can focus on the students.

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Regent Review

Fully automate the collection of verification documents and C-code processing to reduce non-compliance risk.

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Regent Plan

Help students minimize debt with informed planning aids, smart borrowing tools, and improved support.

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Regent Fund

Automate and streamline the scholarship management process from application to reporting.

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Regent Access

Automate the state financial aid application for undocumented students - minimize the time and steps required.

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Our university wants to help people get access to higher education. Regent enables us to do this more effectively.

Greg Ball, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Financial Aid, Brandman University

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Higher Education Professionals

Imagine if you had more time to spend with the students and families who need your help to fully understand the financial aid process – Regent Education helps your office and institution meet their strategic and mission-driven goals.

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