Regent Verify with Salesforce Integration

Automated verification and document collection with integrated

insights for your Salesforce users

• Fully automated financial aid verification and document collection processes
• Student-centric mobile interface and comprehensive, real-time view of the student’s financial aid portal interface
• Native Salesforce integration to equip enrollment and retention with financial aid indicators
• Two-way integration with your existing SIS/FAM to guarantee student record matching

The industry's most robust, student-centric verification solution from Salesforce’s only financial aid partner

Automated Verification/Document Collection

Fully automated verification and document collection – including ISIR processing, EFC calculations and recalculations, embedded e-signature capabilities and text notifications, and a complete audit trail – improve your institution’s Title IV compliance, reduce processing times, and shorten this step for students and parents.

Native Salesforce Integration

The only financial aid app on Salesforce AppExchange enables enrollment and student-success teams to have access to key financial aid insights in their CRM - such as whether a student has requested financial aid for the upcoming year or is blocked from their upcoming disbursement – all within the student’s contact record.

A Continuum of Student Care

Improve the student's verification experience, expedite the process, and reduce call handling times with a solution that facilitates document delivery – including taking a picture of a given document – and enables your counselors or call center advisors to view the student’s financial aid portal interface in real time to enable interactive guidance and question resolution.

92% process automation, improved student experience and increased application rates

“We’ve achieved measurable operational efficiencies in financial aid automation across both our flexible online and on-campus degree programs. These efficiencies, combined with the enhanced student support and 360-degree financial aid visibility within Salesforce due to Regent’s Salesforce app, have driven significant improvements throughout the student enrollment lifecycle.”
Dr. Matthew Davis
Executive Vice President

"Thanks to our Salesforce integration, we've streamlined our processes, improving the student and staff experience and saving time for coaches, who can focus on meaningful and relevant conversations instead of administrivia. Thanks to automation, we also have zero chances of losing a student in the process. Finally, we’ve increased our financial aid completion rate – 4% in just the first three months alone. "
Heidi Lupo
Director of Academic Advising

Bellevue University

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