Salesforce + Regent Education

Delivering a Unified View of Students That Improves Recruiting, Retention, and Financial Aid


It’s clear that there is a great sense of urgency in the enrollment management community today. Faced with declining populations, increased competition for students, and aging legacy systems and new, rapidly emerging technologies, colleges and universities are looking for new ways to pivot their strategies, harness new opportunities, and grow their institutions. 

But disparate systems make it difficult to get a unified view of constituent information. And when your data and insights are disconnected, so are your enrollment strategies. 

In this webinar, we’ll explore how Regent Education’s integration with Salesforce provides a holistic, integrated view of students across the full financial aid lifecycle so you can improve competitiveness, boost enrollment, and retain more students.

Attend this webinar to discover:

  • How CRM technology like Salesforce saves institutions, on average, $2.4M in legacy costs while driving 195% ROI over three years
  • Why Regent Education’s single financial aid platform, integrated with Salesforce, is key to improving competitiveness, allocating every available scholarship dollar, and eliminating financial aid barriers
  • How integration with Regent Education and Salesforce extends financial aid insights across campus, giving recruiting and advising staff the information they need to recruit top students and maximize enrollment

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