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June 18th | 10:15am CT

Baird Convention Center  | 101E


The New Model in Learning: Competency-Based Education & Financial Aid

The emergence of competency-based education models has increased nationally and internationally. This session will present what CBE is and is not, the urgency of CBE now, and financial aid considerations and solutions. Join this engaging presentation to learn more about the synchronicity of competency-based education and financial aid considerations.

 In this session we will:

  • Examine  the rise of competency-based education models and discuss the implications for financial aid officers topics 
  • Explore the range of methods for distributing aid in competency-based models 
  • Discuss the strategies needed to address the unique needs of CBE students, including adult learners, low-income students, and students from underrepresented groups.




Amber Garrison Duncan, PhD

Executive Vice-President & COO, Competency-Based Education Network

Amber fell in love with higher education the moment she left her small Texas town and stepped foot on campus at Texas Woman’s University. Her passion for supporting holistic approaches to learning were honed at this “campus with a heart” and led to a career working at institutions, nonprofits, and foundations to support the transformation of the U.S. higher education system to be more equitable and just.

Amber has led work in competency-based education, learning frameworks, assessment, credential recognition, digital learner records, and open data standards, as well as quality assurance. Before her role at C-BEN, Amber spent 8 years as a grant maker at Lumina Foundation and prior to that served as Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Research at the University of Oregon, and various student affairs roles at Florida State University, University of Michigan, Hope College and Texas A&M University.

If you’ve ever caught yourself in a brainstorming session with Amber, you know she thinks about what is possible and how to leverage change to create the most good, for the most people, in the largest way possible. The C-BEN community is a natural home for her as it is full of fun spirited and bright innovators who are focused on what is best for learners.


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