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Breakfast Session at NASFAA

June 30th  at  7:15-8:15am  

San Diego CC  |  Upper Level  |  29B


Becoming Competent in Competency-Based Financial Aid Models

Higher education is buzzing about the Carnegie Foundation's recent announcement to replace seat time, credit hour measurements of learning with competencies. In this session, we will explore the implications of moving to a financial aid model and disbursement system based on competencies instead of time. Participants will get a sneak peek at the new best practice guide for financial aid officers published by C-BEN and AACRAO. 

 In this session we will:

  • Examine  the rise of competency-based education models and discuss the implications for financial aid officers topics 
  • Explore the range of methods for distributing aid in competency-based models 
  • Discuss the strategies needed to address the unique needs of CBE students, including adult learners, low-income students, and students from underrepresented groups.



Charla Long

President, Competency-Based Education Network

Charla Long is currently President of Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN) and has been in this position since 2015. C-BEN is a member-driven community of professionals united in its efforts to build and promote competency-based education as an effective, efficient, affordable and sustainable pathway to high-quality postsecondary degrees and credentials for the growing diversity of today’s learners.  Prior to her role, she was at Lipscomb University for eleven years as a tenured faculty member and serving in roles such as Dean of the College of Professional Studies, as well as Creator and Founder of both The School of TransformAging and the Institute for Law, Justice & Society.  She previously spent nine years on the faculty at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Milwaukee. 
In 2016, Long was recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the Top 10 Most Influential People in Higher Education for her work in competency-based education. Long is co-author of The Leader’s Guide to Competency-Based Education (2018). 


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