Flexible Enrollment Models: Raising the Bar for Financial Aid Support and Service

It’s an exciting time in higher education right now. More students are pursuing their education goals in new ways, thanks to online learning programs and flexible enrollment options. From a financial aid perspective, however, the path to supporting these nontraditional enrollment models may not always be clear. But armed with the right information and tools, financial aid organizations can make the changes needed to fuel student success.

There’s no shortage of cautionary tales about the potential impacts of poor planning, but rather than focus on the negative aspects of change, let’s focus on the positive: how FA professionals can take advantage of current technology and trends to better promote student success. By my estimation, over half of EDUCAUSE’s top 10 higher education IT trends apply to Financial Aid (FA) organizations: Information Security, Student Success and Completions, Sustainable Funding, Data Management and Governance, Sustainable Staffing, and Next-Gen Enterprise IT. And yet, as the article observes, many traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions fall short of meeting the needs of nontraditional students, particularly those seeking flexible enrollment options.

In our latest e-book, Financial Aid professionals can arm themselves with the information they need to better support competency-based education (CBE) (as well as other flexible enrollment models), and identify the steps they can take to get ahead of the curve—and promote the long-term success of nontraditional learners.

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