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Partnering to Exceed Enrollment Goals

When it comes to enrollment management, the pressure is on. From the increased competition for students to the rising cost of education, enrollment managers are in the hot seat. 

As tuition costs continue to rise, affordability remains a critical factor in a student’s decision on where to attend. That’s why it’s more important than ever before that enrollment managers embrace financial aid as an ally in their recruiting and enrollment strategies. Together, they can improve recruiting strategies, increase affordability for students, and build relationships that make students feel more connected with your institution. 

In this guide, we’ll explore ways for enrollment management and financial aid to lock arms in a coordinated effort to recruit top students and exceed enrollment goals. Download the guide to discover how a partnership with financial aid can help enrollment management to:

  • Improve recruiting strategies by providing access to the financial aid data your staff need to build relationships and connect personally with students and families

  • Enable students to pursue flexible pathways, including non-standard terms, subscription periods, and non-term enrollment models, with the ability to package financial aid across all enrollment models

  • Improve visibility into the cost of college and options to finance it by providing students with a holistic view of their debt, from first class through graduation

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