What is non-term and why are schools moving that way?

Before we get to ‘What is non-term’, let’s first set the stage. You’ve likely heard the term ‘nontraditional’. While definitions vary, researchers generally consider these students to have the following characteristics: Being independent for financial aid purposes Having one or more dependents Being a single caregiver Not having a traditional high school diploma Delaying postsecondary […]

5 Things Your Financial Aid Management System Should Be Doing for You

For higher education institutions, processing financial aid is a complex undertaking. It’s why institutions turn to financial aid management (FAM) systems to manage all the administrative processes, maintain compliance, reduce costs, and improve the entire financial aid distribution process.  All FAMs support the following three core financial aid processes:   Enable institutions to receive and process […]

10 key points about the new Subscription Periods Enrollment Model

The new Subscription-Based Programming Enrollment Model published in the September 2, 2020, Federal Register is an exciting new awarding and disbursement model for self-paced programs that bills tuition by Subscription Period. The new Subscription Period provides for much more flexible programming within a term-based structure while also holding the student accountable for sustaining academic progress to remain eligible […]

5 Reasons to Think Beyond the ERP for Your Financial Aid Management (FAM) Solution

For decades, higher education institutions have used an ERP/SIS to manage all facets of their operations-including financial aid management (FAM). That one-size-fits-all model sufficed when introduced in the 1990s, but higher education has evolved-and so should the FAM. As James Wiley, Principal Analyst at Eduventures writes, “At first glance, one might think that financial aid […]

Automating Financial Aid for Non-Traditional Programs, Including CBE: NASFAA 2017 Session

Institutions across the country are grappling with declining enrollments, while at the same time wrestling with a renewed focus on cost and student outcomes. As institutions develop strategies to address these issues, many are exploring ways to expand online learning and offer more flexible non-traditional enrollment models such as competency-based and self-paced learning. This highly-attended […]

3 Factors Driving Institutions to Reassess their Financial Aid Solutions

Financial aid is critical to meeting institution’s enrollment, retention and student success goals. Per Noel Levitz, being the first to demonstrate affordability to prospective students will give you a critical advantage in this competitive and cost-conscious market. But time and speed aren’t the only factors of success. Financial aid departments must also manage the changing demographics of their prospective and current student base and their increased, sophisticated digital and self-service expectations.

How Schools can Prepare for Early FAFSA

By Leonard Gude Starting in October, students will now be able to accurately complete their 2017-18 FAFSAs right away rather than waiting until the end of the year and/or until they file their taxes for the year. In the past, students and/or their parents may have not filed their taxes (due in April) prior to […]