Regent SNAP

Eliminate barriers. Increase enrollment. In minutes.

Regent 8 and SNAP Video

When a prospective student considers applying to your institution, one question trumps all others: “Can I afford this?” Typically, getting an answer can take days—or even weeks.

Regent SNAP™ allows your web site to answer that question for them in 15 minutes or less. With that answer, a key barrier to enrollment disappears, the prospective student's interest is strengthened, and a pathway to their dream opens up before them.

Approximately 40% of students select an institution based on the financial aid they expect to receive, and 90% on the quality of support they experience during the financial aid application process. By providing quick, accurate estimates of awards and out-of-pocket expenses, SNAP lets you become the first to demonstrate affordability—often weeks ahead of your competitors.

A Powerful Way to Increase Conversion Rates

SNAP is a web-based application that creates a real-time connection with prospective students, easing their way through the complicated, often confusing financial aid application process.

The entire experience has been optimized to deliver quick and accurate results, while encouraging form completion and reducing abandonment.

Accurate, Transparent, and Customizable

  • SNAP provides a highly accurate awards estimate based on the actual Federal assessment methodology.
  • SNAP mitigates risk by providing a fully transparent and auditable estimation process.
  • SNAP is easily configured to include state and institutional awards and to precisely match your packaging philosophies—for even higher accuracy.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Little or no support is required from your IT department because SNAP is a cloud-based software, making it exceptionally easy to implement. Your estimates will always based on the very latest state and federal regulations, and you gain an essential new capability with the highest level of support, while freeing your IT staff to focus on other needs.

See For Yourself

To learn more about SNAP, and how it can be integrated into your institution's applicant outreach process, read a case study describing the benefits of a SNAP deployment or sign up for an online demonstration led by one of Regent's financial aid specialists.