Regent Financial Planner

Detailed Student Financial Planning

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Regent Financial Planner is the industry’s only solution that leverages a true financial aid management system and packages the full cost of a program, from the first day of class until graduation. Unlike other solutions that provide an estimate for a single year or an award that is simply utilizing calculations, Regent Financial Planner provides students and families with a complete picture and enables them to create a personalized financial plan.

One of the most challenging questions students and parents face when selecting a college or university is, “Can I afford to go to this institution?” With Regent Financial Planner that question can be answered in 15 minutes or less, removing a significant barrier to enrollment. In addition, the solution provides loan repayment information to help students make responsible borrowing decisions.

A personalized plan that delivers compliance, transparency and responsible borrowing

Regent Financial Planner is easy to use and plans can be saved or printed, making it a truly useful tool instead of a one-time exercise. The solution is delivered via a cloud based model, enabling institutions to always be up-to-date and remain compliant with the most recent Federal regulations.

Implementations are rapid, cost effective and quickly enable institutions to provide students and families with the information necessary to make informed borrowing decisions. With Regent Financial Planner, schools are driving enrollment while also providing the highest levels of transparency and service.

Key benefits include:

  • Complete Title IV Aid Eligibility Calculation - Provides an estimated award based on ­actual Federal Methodology

  • State Grant, Institutional Aid, and Military Benefits Determination - Easily configurable to include multiple funding types

  • Employer Reimbursement and Discounts - Ability to include employer benefit programs and calculations

  • Account Creation for Students - An option to make results visible to schools for effective student counseling

See For Yourself

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