Regent Student Self-Service Portal

One-stop online financial aid management for students.

With Regent 8's Student Self Service Portal, students can manage their financial aid on the go, 24/7, from their laptop, tablet, or smart phone. They can check application status, view and accept awards, even electronically sign and return documents.

Key benefits include:

  • Make applying for aid more efficient and less stressful
  • Make your school more competitive in attracting and retaining students
  • Improve communication between students and the financial aid office 
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Satisfy requirements for active confirmation of loans
  • Improve relationships between students, families, and the learning institution.

Fully integrated with Regent 8, the Student Portal’s document management capabilities means you no longer need to mail forms to students or make them come in to pick up or turn in completed forms. It can all be done online.

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