Regent Document Management

View and manage all student documents and define custom automation rules

Regent Document Management Solution (DMS) is an integrated component of the Regent 8 financial aid management system. DMS provides features for centralized document management for students and counselors.  Students can easily upload, download, and check the status of submitted documents.  Schools can easily define automation rules based on documents for packaging, disbursement, and other system processes and/or eligibility requirements.

Key benefits include:

  • Ability for students and counselors to upload documents and satisfy student document requirements in one easy step
  • Define automation rules to trigger Regent 8 actions based on document status and scope
  • Ability to view documents directly from Regent 8
  • No integration of separate database is needed; Documents are stored within Regent 8
  • Reduced training time and support costs
  • Integration available with existing campus imaging software