Cloud-Based Software

The ultimate turnkey solutions for enrollment optimization and financial aid management.

The cloud-based delivery platform offered by Regent is a hosted application that enables institutions to manage their complete business process for admissions and financial aid on-boarding, financial aid management, administration, disbursement, packaging, compliance, tracking, communications, verification, imaging, and all student self-service activities - all in one turnkey solution.

In this hosted environment, users can access Regent solutions from any internet-enabled device via a secure connection. With user-defined performance and available service levels, institutions of all types and sizes can improve their quality of service through enhanced application and upgrade management, while maintaining the high level of functionality needed to process financial aid.

Regent’s cloud-based software is the first of its kind for financial aid management, providing institutions with outsourced IT, hardware and application management by leveraging Regent’s leadership and expertise in financial aid management software.

Why Cloud-Based Software for Financial Aid?

Benefits associated with cloud software:

  • Automatic updates, including state and federal regulations - Due to operational complexity and ever increasing demands for public accountability and student achievement expectations, it is imperative that Financial Aid offices have updates in a timely manner. With on-demand applications like Regent Enterprise, institutions enjoy automatic updates and system enhancements.
  • Reduced reliance on IT - At its core, the on demand model minimizes IT staffing, eliminates hardware expenses, and ongoing IT maintenance. Regent’s on demand solution frees institutions to focus on their mission of serving their students.
  • Lower total cost of ownership – Subscription-based pricing translates to significantly lower up-front costs. With Regent 8 or SNAP, as an institution grows its student base, the solution can grow with it. In general, the on demand model not only alleviates the costs of traditional perpetual licensing fees, but also eliminates the need for additional IT infrastructure investments.
  • Accelerated implementation program - Because Regent solutions are offered as a service, the “go-live” period can be significantly compressed, allowing users to access the Regent solution from any location via a secure connection within as few as 90 days – saving time, money, and frustration.
  • Secure IT infrastructure – As a hosted service, Regent maintains the required security of both data transmission and data storage. The Regent on demand financial aid management solution allows the school to set access levels for confidential information for its employees, students and intermediaries based on responsibilities and permission levels.

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