The Premier Solutions in Financial Aid Management and Enrollment Optimization

Financial aid is a complex and regulated business process, and Regent is the only software company that is 100% dedicated to enrollment optimization and financial aid management, with over 400 years of collective expertise among its admissions and financial aid experts.

Regent fulfills its commitment to delivering flexible solutions to meet its customers’ diverse financial aid requirements through its cloud-based financial aid management solution, Regent 8. Regent 8 is a turnkey solution that enables your institutions to always be up-to-date and remain compliant with the latest federal regulations and updates. In addition, Regent 8 is the only software solution on the market today optimized for BBAY and non-term enrollment models, allowing your institution to have the administrative capability to manage an online division and support unlimited starts and enrollments with a single platform.

Regent also provides customers with unparalleled ability to manage the pre-admissions and enrollment aspects of financial aid with Regent SNAP. Though a prospective student's primary concern is often the affordability of college, providing an answer to that question typically takes days, if not weeks. With Regent SNAP, students can learn the answer to that all-important question in 15 minutes or less. Once answered, a key barrier to enrollment disappears, the prospective student's interest is strengthened, and a pathway to their dream opens up before them.