Delivery Services

Regent Education’s Delivery Services Team focuses first and foremost on delivering the vision and commitments that compelled the client to choose Regent Education.

For our new clients, this means configuring and deploying the Regent software products into the cloud Production environment as quickly as possible and according to the client’s requirements so they can start realizing a return on their investment. For existing clients, this means enhancing Regent’s current solutions to take advantage of product enhancements, increased automation and process streamlining to improve their ROI. For existing and prospective clients, Regent offers Premium Services Packages after the initial implementation has been completed.

With more than 50 years of higher education knowledge and experience as well as extensive experience in the software delivery and consulting industries, Regent Education’s Delivery Services team utilizes a proprietary delivery methodology based on a proven track record of on time deliveries and high client satisfaction. To see more details about the Regent Education Delivery Methodology, click here. Regent assigns a dedicated Technical Project Manager to each Regent client to utilize this methodology and manage the overall success of the implementation.

Regent Education believes in providing our clients with a smooth transition from initial implementation to our Client Support Team. Internal and external handoff meetings are scheduled to facilitate that transition to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. 

Regent is committed to providing each client with superior service and support in order to maximize the value of Regent’s products. The Delivery Services team provides expertise in how to implement, use and maintain our products to execute your processes more quickly and efficiently at a minimum total cost.