Tracy Cox

Project Manager and Business Analyst

tcox_small.jpgAs a Project Manager/Business Analyst on the Delivery Services team, Tracy Cox is responsible for ensuring Regent successfully bridges the gap between the internal development team and clients during and after the product implementation stage. With over 12 years’ experience, Tracy has a firsthand and functional understanding of Higher Education and financial aid. She has spent her career mastering knowledge of Title IV administration.

Before joining Regent in 2012, Tracy was the Student Finance Policy Specialist at Career Education Corporation (CEC) where she was responsible for annual federal reporting (FISAP/IPEDS), policy development and financial aid management system configuration.

Prior to CEC, Tracy was Coordinator of Training and Quality assurance and responsible for developing training solutions for staff on Title IV administration. She regularly conducted mini-audits in order to ensure continued compliance.

Tracy has spent her career mastering Title IV regulation, legislative changes, student eligibility criteria and federal processing procedures.  She has also continually monitored and updated internal policies and procedures to ensure that they are in compliance with federal and state guidelines. 

Tracy has an M.S.M. in Management from the Colorado Technical University and a B.S. in Math/French from Marquette University.