Steven H. England, Sr.

Vice President of Client Solutions

steve.pngAs Vice President of Client Solutions, Steve England is responsible for ensuring Regent successfully bridges the gap between current client needs, future product development, and the changing needs of the marketplace. With over 25 years’ experience, Steve has a firsthand and thorough understanding of Higher Education and financial aid. He has spent his career developing solutions to systematically address the constantly changing and always present challenges that face this dynamic industry.

Before joining Regent in 2007, Steve was the National Sales Representative at American Education Services (AES) where he was responsible for business development and a core member of the management team responsible for aligning AES’s products and services with college and university financial processing needs.

Prior to AES, Steve was Director of Financial Aid at Stark State College of Technology and responsible for meeting the needs of a growing and diverse student population. He regularly had to create solutions that balanced technology and automation with personable and human-based service/support.

Steve has spent his career passionately developing and delivering solutions that compliantly automate financial aid in customer focused environments. He has been an advocate for excellent student service delivered thru technology solutions with a human face at both the state and regional levels. As part of the Regent team, Steve has been able to take his passion to new levels with a much broader reach.

Steve has an M.A. Ed. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Akron and a B.A. in Math/Economics from Denison University.