Select Dear Colleague Letter Summaries

At Regent Education, we have several regulatory subject matter experts monitoring all the communications coming out of the Department of Education to ensure our solutions are compliant with all the latest regulations. Part of this ongoing effort is to assess the impact of changes and recommendations communicated via Dear Colleague letters. This page is a resource we make available to our financial aid colleagues to keep you abreast of the latest changes from the Department of Education.


  • GEN 16-11: FY 2017 Sequester Required Changes
  • GEN 16-07: 2017-2018 Award Year: FAFSA® Information to be Verified and Acceptable Documentation
  • GEN 16-05: Perkins Loan Program Extension
  • GEN 16-03: Professional Judgment for Prior Prior Year


  • GEN 15-18: Protecting Student Information
  • GEN 15-16: Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Determinations
  • GEN 15-11: 2016-2017 Award Year: FAFSA® Information to be Verified and Acceptable Documentation
  • GEN 15-09: Title IV Eligibility for Students Without a Valid High School Diploma Who Are Enrolled in Eligible Career Pathway Programs
  • GEN 15-08: Citizenship and Immigration Status Documentation
  • GEN 15-07: FY 2016 Sequester Required Changes to the Title IV Student Aid Programs
  • GEN 15-06: Loan Counseling Requirements and Flexibilities
  • GEN 15-05: 2015-2016 Unusual Enrollment History Flag
  • GEN 15-02: 2015-2016 Federal Pell Grant Payment and Disbursement Schedules


  • GEN 14-23: Competency-Based Education Programs- Questions and Answers
  • GEN 14-21: Federal Pell Grant Eligibility for Students Confined or Incarcerated in Locations That Are Not Federal or State Penal Institutions
  • GEN 14-14: Additional Guidance on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Title IV Loan Programs
  • GEN 14-11: 2015-2016 Award Year:  Required Verification Items and Acceptable Documentation
  • GEN 14-10: FY 2015 Sequester Required Changes to the Title IV Student Aid Programs
  • GEN-14-06: Recognized Equivalent of a High School Diploma
  • GEN-14-05: IRS Tax Return Transcript Processes for 2014-2015


  • GEN-13-27: Change to FY 2014 Sequestration-Required Reduction for TEACH Grant
  • GEN-13-26: 2014-2015 Financial Aid Shopping Sheet
  • GEN-13-20: State Authorization Regulations
  • GEN-13-18: Extended Foster Care Payments
  • GEN-13-16: 2014-2015 FAFSA Information to be Verified and Acceptable Documentation
  • GEN-13-14:Federal Pell Grant Duration of Eligibility and Lifetime Eligibility Used
  • GEN-13-13: Academic Year and Loan Period Reporting to COD for Direct Loans
  • GEN-13-12: 2014-2015 FAFSA - Parental Information Collection
  • GEN-13-11: Contact information for the FSA Student Loan Ombudsman
  • GEN-13-10: Applying for Title IV Eligibility for Direct Assessment (Competency-Based) Programs
  • GEN-13-09: Students with Unusual Enrollment History Flag --- "C" code on the ISIR
  • GEN-13-07: Guidance on Implementing the Net Price Calculator
  • GEN-13-05: Implementation of Financial Aid Shopping Sheet
  • GEN-13-02: Regaining Title IV Eligibility after Exceeding Loan Limits and Treatment of Loan Funds When a Student Fails to Begin Attendance


  • GEN-12-03: Title IV Student Financial Assistance Disbursed to Students Without a Valid High School Diploma
  • GEN-12-01: Changes Made to the Title IV Student Aid Programs by the Recently Enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012


  • GEN-11-17: Fraud in Postsecondary Distance Education Programs – URGENT CALL TO ACTION
  • GEN-11-16: The Budget Control Act of 2011 – Direct Loan Provisions
  • GEN-11-15: Dependency Overrides
  • GEN-11-13: 2012-2013 Award Year: FAFSA Information to be Verified, and Acceptable Documentation
  • GEN-11-12: Trial Periods of Enrollment
  • GEN-11-11: State Authorization under the Program Integrity Regulations
  • GEN-11-07: Guidance on Participation in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program
  • GEN-11-04: Update on the Use of “Professional Judgment” and Reminder of Combat Pay Exclusion
  • GEN-11-02: Status of the Perkins Loan Program