Career Colleges

The single most important decision you can make to improve your bottom line—choosing Regent 8.

With all of the pressures on financial aid management, it’s not surprising that many career colleges have concluded that controlling and managing their own financial aid process is a business necessity.

Managing compliance is critical, of course. You need back-office processes that are standardized, automated, and error-proof, yet flexible enough to account for varying practices at different campuses. Decision makers need access to mission-critical data.

Regent 8’s best-of-breed solution gives you all of this and more—at a much lower cost per student than outsourcing.

Regent offers an easy-to-use, simple to implement Web-based system that automates and optimizes every aspect of the financial aid life cycle. It links data from different systems and all levels of the company to provide a common view of past and future performance against goals—and to identify the true source of costs and profitability.

  • Student Self Service Portal provides 24/7 service to allow students to manage their financial aid process online.
  • Early needs analysis, rapid award packaging, and online FAFSA give you the “first mover” advantage with first-time students.
  • Dashboard allows you to track enrollment and processing goals.
  • Integrated eForms and imaging system simplify document tracking.
  • Reduce compliance errors while meeting federal mandates.
  • Supports SAY, BBAY, non-term, and Competency Based Education programs.
  • Supports multiple Pell IDs, as well as enrollment at multiple campuses.
  • Easily plugs into existing campus-wide systems.
  • During your implementation, a dedicated Project Manager serves as your in-house financial aid expert.

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