Graduate Schools

Your world is changing fast.
Stay on top of it with Regent 8.

When you’re serving a diverse and often global array of students and academic programs, you can’t afford time-intensive manual processes or complex, hard-to-support software systems. You need a financial aid system that is flexible and powerful enough to scale along with your changing needs, yet is easy to use and manage.

Regent 8’s best-of-breed solution gives you powerful tools to automate and manage every aspect of the financial aid life cycle—from student communications and service, to processing, to providing critical information to help you achieve institutional goals. 

  • Easy to implement, manage, and use with limited in-house IT resources for fast return on investment.
  • Student Self Service Portal provides 24/7 service to allow students to manage their financial aid process online.
  • Flexible architecture supports non-standard and non-term programs and borrower-based academic years.
  • Easily integrates with existing campus-wide systems.
  • During the implementation phase, a dedicated Project Manager serves as your in-house financial aid expert.

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