Four-Year Institutions

Power, flexibility, ease of use, smooth implementation—Regent 8 and Regent SNAP combine all of this to give you the clear competitive advantage.

In this competitive educational market, your financial aid system needs to position your institution for success. And that means enterprise-strength, user-friendly power that’s simple to deploy and grows along with your institution, not another complex client/server system that’s costly to implement, hard to use, and doesn’t play well with existing technology.

Regent 8 gives you a competitive advantage by automating every aspect of the financial aid life cycle. It gives your organization the operational efficiency and data you need to streamline costs, maximize resources, and meet your enrollment goals.

All of this is delivered via a best-of-breed solution that is 100% Web-based and platform independent, so it integrates smoothly with your existing systems. Regent 8 is designed to be simple to implement and manage—dramatically reducing your impact on the IT department.

  • Turnkey services can get you up and running with limited in-house IT resources.
  • Early needs analysis, rapid award packaging, and online FAFSA give you “first mover” advantage with new students.
  • Self service portal, which can be customized to match your existing website, allows students to manage their financial aid online.
  • Integrated storage of documents simplifies document tracking and management.
  • Dashboard lets you track enrollment and processing goals.
  • More than 100 critical federal, state, and institutional reports are included for quick and easy generation.
  • Integrates with existing campus-wide systems.
  • During your implementation, a dedicated Project Manager serves as your in-house financial aid expert.

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