Admissions and Marketing Professionals

Your goal: attracting and enrolling the most qualified and likely to benefit students.

In today’s hypercompetitive recruiting environment, your school looks to you to reduce your cost per enrollment. Unfortunately, large numbers of potential students come to your web site, only to leave if they don’t have a compelling reason to provide their contact information.

Studies show that today’s student is primarily concerned with three things: cost of education, access to financial aid, and a school’s academic reputation. You do a great job promoting your institution’s reputation, but unfortunately, when it comes to straightforward cost and financial aid information, many schools fall short of student expectations.

Regent Education’s Student Needs Analysis Profile (SNAP) will give you first mover advantage over other schools by allowing you to accurately answer a prospective student’s questions about the cost of education and access to financial aid in real-time. You no longer need to wait for students to complete their FAFSA or meet with a counselor prior to presenting them with a real-time estimate of cost and financial aid award on an annual as well as full program length basis.

When you can immediately provide students with their total cost of education, your conversion rates will dramatically increase and your cost per enrollment will decrease!

Regent Can Help With:

Engaging prospective students on your web site

Students require substantive information before they are willing to provide their contact information. Gone are the days of expecting students to complete an information request form in order to get access to basic cost and financial aid information. SNAP provides the real-time data students crave by answering the question, “What will it cost me to attend this college?” When provided an opportunity to receive a real-time estimate of award, students stay more engaged and open to providing contact information for future follow up.

Improving Student Experience

Students often complain about the number and complexity of forms necessary to enroll and apply for financial aid. SNAP allows you to greatly simplify forms by using sophisticated logic to automatically reconfigure questionnaires based on student answers. If the response to one question eliminates the need to ask one or more questions, SNAP never presents those questions to the student. Also, SNAP allows you to share data between questionnaires and existing student information systems so students need only enter data once.

Timely FAFSA completion

Perhaps the largest delay in enrolling students is the completion of the FAFSA. Since most schools direct students to FAFSA on the Web, they lose control of the process and hope students will complete their FAFSA and properly enter their school code. For those schools that have counselors personally walk students through the FAFSA process, considerable human capital is expended. With SNAP, schools control the process from beginning to end by allowing students to complete their FAFSA on the school’s web site. The SNAP FAFSA questionnaire collects all the FAFSA data from the student and sends it directly to the Department of Education. For schools that prefer to help students complete the questionnaire, SNAP streamline the process, resulting in dramatically less time spent assisting students. All schools receive tremendous benefit from having access to the student-entered data. Not only do they gather a wealth of data that can be analyzed to provide better service to their students, but they also have immediate insight into which questions are posing issues for their students. If a student drops out of a questionnaire, you will know exactly how far the student got so you can help them quickly complete the questionnaire.


With ever changing regulations and guidelines, it’s more important than ever to ensure all enrollment counselors are providing consistent and compliant information to prospective students. High turnover rates in many admissions departments make doing so particularly challenging. Constant and extensive training is often required to ensure compliance. With SNAP, you can encapsulate the financial aid best practices into self-service or counselor driven questionnaires that ensure every student receives the same message.

Qualifying prospective students

Not every student is right for your institution. SNAP affords you the ability to develop questionnaires to identify the students that will most benefit from your programs