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Hosted Quarterly - An Introduction to Regent 8

This one hour webinar will provide an overview of the capabilities of Regent 8 and how Regent's partner schools are using Regent 8 to automate their financial aid offices and improve their students' financial aid experience.  Some key discussion topics include:

  • Automating packaging for SAY and all flavors of BBAY including non-term.
  • Efficiently managing the financial aid office for schools with enrollments from 1,000 to well over 500,000 students.
  • Automating R2T4 and SAP processing.
  • Comprehensive integration with existing ERP, SIS and CRM systems.
  • Increasing transparency and focus into all key functional financial aid areas via school configured dashboards.
  • Reducing the number of student calls and emails through the use of a student self-service portal.

Hosted Quarterly - An Introduction to Regent REview

This one hour webinar will provide a demonstration of Regent Review, and discuss the ways Regent partner schools are using Regent Review to streamline the verification process and improve service to students. Key agenda items include:

  • Demonstration of Review’s complete audit trail that includes all submitted documents, student communications, and processing history
  • Review of Review’s fully automated ISIR processing
  • Demonstration of how Review is helping schools leverage electronic signature capabilities and single sign on to avoid fraud
  • Demonstration of the intuitive data collection tools that simplify the verification process for schools and for students
  • Discussion of the how Review can be integrated with Student Information Systems
  • Demonstration of the advanced task management features that maximize staff resources

Hosted Quarterly - Financial Aid Management of Competency Based Education (CBE) and Nontraditional programs

This one hour webinar will provide an overview of competency based, self-paced, and nontraditional learning models, with a focus on the challenges and implications of managing Title IV aid. Some of the key agenda items include:

  • What are these new learning models and how are they different?
  • Why are schools moving to these models?
  • What are the implications of managing Title IV aid?
  • What do I need to consider when implementing these models?
  • Demonstration of Regent 8, the only financial aid management solution to offer complete support for these models

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