Regent Education Announces Software Update Release 4.2 for Regent 8, Its Flagship Financial Aid Management Solution

Frederick, MD, November 1, 2017 Regent Education, the leading provider of financial aid solutions and services for higher education institutions using non-term, nonstandard term and traditional-term academic years, further advances its Regent 8 Financial Aid Management (FAM) solution with the certification of Release 4.2.

With Release 4.2, Regent 8 is the first financial aid management solution that supports automated awarding of Federal Pell Grant funds up to 150 percent. Release 4.2 also provides timely standard 2018-2019 regulatory updates, and offers new features and functionality designed to further advance financial aid processing automation.

“Beyond ensuring compliant support for the latest federal regulations, Release 4.2 enables clients to make advanced efficiency gains via new, innovative automation,” reports Sharon Clough, Vice President of Financial Aid Compliance. “As just one example, Release 4.2 includes the option to have any Title IV (non-work-study) awards determined to be ineligible for R2T4 cancel automatically.  This results in significant time savings, minimizing manual efforts and affording the financial aid team time to focus on higher-value initiatives.”

Additional advanced automation offered in Release 4.2 includes the ability to export and import Document, Term, Program and Program Group configurations, giving customers the ability to update these key configuration items en masse.  It also includes increased integration between Regent 8, Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) and Accounts Receivable.  This improvement allows clients to override Regent 8’s checks and balances on an exception basis to authorize payment of Title IV directly via COD-on-the-web, and automatically exports from Regent 8 to the Accounts Receivable system using the standard interface between Regent 8 and the student accounts system. 

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About Regent

Regent Education, a leading provider of financial aid solutions and services, simplifies the financial aid process for higher education institutions offering traditional and nontraditional enrollment models. Regent offers a suite of solutions encompassing the automation of financial aid management, verification process, student financial planning and application for state financial aid.

The financial aid management solution, Regent 8, is the only solution that provides seamless, end-to-end automation for non-term, nonstandard term and standard term academic years. Regent’s cloud-based solutions help institutions increase enrollment, improve retention, speed student processing and mitigate compliance risks. 

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